A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Sail around a little pirate ship going on swashbuckling adventures. There's also other ships for you to shoot at and some rocks and islands hangin around that ocean.


  • Mouse Camera
  • W Set/Furl Sails (magic wind or something carries the boat forward when the sails are set)
  • A/D  Steer while sails are set
  • Q Load then Fire Port Cannon
  • E Load then Fire Starboard Cannon
  • T Manually Spawn Enemy Vessel
  • P Restart Game
  • Cmd+Q/Alt+F4 Quit Game

This is a prototype I developed in a few days for my portfolio for my application to a graduate game design program. The rock and ship models were free assets taken from kenney.nl (a very cool guy) and have some adjustments I made to make them work and animate how I needed.

Install instructions

For Mac: Extract zip file and launch .app file

For Windows: Extract zip file and run the .exe file with the word "swashy" in it


swashy.2019.03.07.1036.app.zip 18 MB
swashy.2019.03.07.1036.zip 13 MB

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